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"My paintings are my palette for chaos and order to collide; I take the high art and the low art, which is commonplace, and let them battle it out on the canvas.

The contemporary issues confronted in the word provoke a response, both emotional and intellectual, and symbolize the struggle towards birth that our society now faces.

Painting, to me, is the great equalizer. I paint for humanity. I call to arms; the eternal spirit of man, the builder, the organizer and the evolutionary spirit that creates civilizations. I am speaking of that common, human thread that the great thinkers of the past continue to teach us; the common link which triumphs over adversity, poverty and injustice."
The contemporary issues confronted in DeCunto’s work provoke a response, both emotional and intellectual, and symbolize the struggle towards birth that our society now faces.
Giovanni DeCunto’s work can be found in museums throughout the world such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston MA, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University and The City Hall of Padua in Italy to name a few, as well as inside the private homes of high profile celebrities such as Lionel Richie, Shaquille O’Neal, Tom Cruise and George H.W. Bush.
Giovanni DeCunto - Boston Artist


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Portrait of success

Lawrence native making splash in art world featured in New Balance ad campaign. At 12 years old, Giovanni DeCunto sold his first painting - a copy of a Rembrandt work - for $35 to Clara John, the mother of one of his good friends. She told him, “You’re…

Madonna Sun in the Stars - Giovanni DeCunto - Boston Artist

“The Family” Series

A longtime fixture at his Lewis Street studio in the North End, Giovanni DeCunto is unveiling an ongoing series called “The Family,” this week at his new gallery in the Seaport District. Giovanni has painted a wide array of world changers including Frank Sinatra, Gianni Versace, Jay Z, Beyonce, Steve Jobs...

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Modern interpretations of the Gardner masterpieces

The Isabella Stewart Gardner heist remains one of the art world’s greatest mysteries. Now you can relive the drama thanks to artist Giovanni DeCunto. His new exhibit, “13,” features interpretations of the lost masterpieces by…

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    Fama PR - Giovanni DeCunto - Boston Artist
    Fama PR
    250 Northern Ave #300, Boston, MA 02210
    G Gallery, located at Fama PR includes some of Giovanni’s most iconic work featuring David Ortiz, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs to name a few.

    You can enjoy an intimate experience of the unparalleled color, expression and texture of the celebrated painter’s canvases that captures contemporary abstraction and expressionism.

    For more information please visit 

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    Featured Gallery
    Newton Kitchen & Design
    34 Wexford Street, Needham, Massachusetts 02464
    G Gallery, located in the Newton Kitchens & Design Showroom includes original and mix media pieces by Giovanni DeCunto creating unique spaces and environments.

    Newton Kitchens & Design provides exceptional handcrafted cabinetry and furniture manufactured locally in Massachusetts. A collaboration collection between Giovanni DeCunto and Newton Kitchens & Design features custom made furniture and cabinets available for purchase at the showroom.
    For more information please visit
    Newton Kitchen and Design - Giovanni DeCunto - Boston Artist