Giclée Prints

Sundrenched Pier - Giovanni DeCunto - Boston Artist

Giclée - pronounced "zhee-clay" - French for "that which is sprayed", is the term used for the world's most advanced digital fine art printing process. This digital printmaking process is capable of producing exceptional results for both original printmakers and for the reproduction of original works of art, because of its extended color gamut and continuous tone characteristics, digital printmaking is considered a superior technology for printing all forms of art including photography.

The Giclée process uses such small dots and so many of them that they are not discernible to the eye. A Giclée print is essentially a continuous tone print
showing every color and tonal nuance. Giclée’s are printed on beautiful fine art papers and canvas, and the result is a print befitting the definition of fine art in every way.

This combined with the finest quality canvas, Giovanni adds resin, ink, and acrylics to the surface to give each print a unique authentic touch.

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