Balance in the Singularity

Giovanni DeCunto’s “Balance in the Singularity” is a prophetic work about the rise of China. DeCunto’s respect for ancient Chinese culture can be seen in the powerful dragons that come to the forefront of Time, surrounded by silver leaf and gold emblems. The painting, made in the time of COVID-19, evokes the way that Beijing has handled the COVID hazard, seemingly better than other nations.

A traditional decorative medallion, painted in harsh red, forms the halo that centers the dragon’s fearsome face, embedding the dragon within a collar that is trying to hold the dragon back from attacking the viewer. But the dragon is surrounded by minor deities, smaller dragons writhing and contorting in the rebuffed air, as if trying to free the first dragon from where it is sealed in. Such energy and delight in the painting mark DeCunto’s apprehension and respect for the rise of China: it is no less than a work of prophecy.

Size: 95×75
Price: 220,000
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
DIPTYCH (set of 2)

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95×75 in

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