Cosmic Prayer


Cosmic Prayer, Acrylic on canvas 108 x 144 2013

Giovanni combines multiple phrases of terror – Boston Marathon, 3 killed, BOMB – in a prayer to the cosmos that the suffering of humanity might be relieved in some way. The GOD in the background is an ironic statement when juxtaposed with all these horrific words. American chaos and tragedy are brought to the forefront in this painting that is a poem of rage. The impression is overwhelming; it is a torrent of tragedy so strong that even the Gods are obscured.

“This composition was created while the events were unfolding.”–G

Opposite: “A turning point in how we were dealing with the rest of the world.”–G

A blaze of images, faces, historical figures, indeed a storm of colors. Giovanni represents a collage of a colossal event, investing in it an energy that matches the destructive nature of such a force. It involves so many ideologies, personalities, and passions. The leaders of the two nations are on the left side, acknowledging each other. The painting is surrounded by inscriptions that resembles propaganda, with bold, upper-case letters. The American flag fades into the center of the painting. The painting has a burst of energy and is filled with elements that continue to pull you into the painting.