Jay Z

“Jay Z is not only my business model he is also a great teacher.”–G

He looks aslant at you, a second away from
contempt, a man who has known hatred but such
a hatred that it is no longer intense. The fire of the
moment has set into the features of his face, as
power, as assertion. His face is not so much stern
as it is serious. His face is grim, but it is as if his
resentment has been transformed into security.

His brows are deep set, and his eyes are harsh, the
bags underneath. His face is fleshy, and his cheeks
are strong. He eats well and one guesses that his
body is athletic. The gold leaf behind him conveys
a background of royalty. Listening to Jay Z’s voice
immediately recalls his appearance; the style of
the face immediately transmutes into the balanced
aggression of the voice.

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76 x 76 in

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