“MLK is personally one of my heros because he wouldn’t tolerate discrimination in any way, shape, or form.”–G

A portrait of a great man whose life ended in tragedy. Amongst the falling streaks of darkness and the falling of white daggers, his sorrowful face is upturned. His eyes are almost invisible and he seeks solace. It is a posture of beseeching. The rest of the painting is descending in streaks, resembling the downfall of tragedy. Out of the background darkness, Martin Luther King looks up. He sees something that we do not see. His face is emblazoned with red, loose and free layered strokes. The shadows under his nose and lips, are strong and bleed out into the colorful darkness outside. If MLK is as much a preacher as a political revolutionary, here in his expression he resembles the martyrs of religious agony and the saints. He is painted in strong, basic colors, befitting a leader.