Sun in the Stars

Sun in the Stars, Acrylic on canvas

“Madonna had a lot to do with liberating contemporary women.”–G

If the painter beholds his visions in the fire of an interior sun, then to stare too closely is to risk blindness, even madness. In ‘Sun and the Stars,’ A face emerging out of blinding light and instantly the surroundings are ordered. The silver in the background, the quietude of the moon, and the nine stars, all belong to her. Here in the midst is a flower, out of which blooms a lover. As you make out a face, it dissolves into a woman in the midst of pleasure, her red lips and her hair is as if the petals of a flower, stretching out like flames of fire. The portrait emits a goddess or higher power feeling representing historically and literally Madonna with a halo.

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76 x 76 in

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