Bouguereau’s Boogaloo

Bouguereau’s Boogaloo, Acrylic on canvas 1999

“Bouguereau’s Boogaloo is a remake of one of my favorite french painters.”–G

A reinterpretation of Bouguereau’s ‘Nymphs and Satyr.’ Giovanni’s painting depicts the same nymphs tearing at the satyr to lead him to a wild day of sexual pleasure, but this time with an abstract flare. Combining neoclassicism and contemporary styles. The painting’s background is draped in uneven movements, but it is the vertical slashes that emanates from the satyr’s body and are responsible for the energy of this reproduction.This energy is what brings the story to life and gives it a new and fresh plot twist.

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30 × 40 in

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* Mixed-Media, * Print

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