“The past is a part of how we move forward into the ever-evolving present. Our connections grow and our knowledge expands.”

“Throughout my life, I have been inspired by great painters and progressive art movements, as diverse as Rembrandt from the Baroque period, to the great French Impressionists of the 19th century and the culture-rockin’ Pop artists of the mid-20th century. Like them, I try to capture light and darkness, and the very moment of action in my allegorical and figurative works. I turn the concept inside out, forwards and backwards, and create dimensions, depth, and tension. By layering, my paintings develop an otherworldliness. Images start to form. In between the architecture and geometry of the canvas, the figures are in action and dancing. The images jump off the canvas and at you. And yet, despite this chaos, my paintings are calming.”

Email g@giovannidecunto.com to inquire about exceptional original paintings and high-quality mixed media works made under Giovanni’s supervision and approval. All works are signed by Giovanni DeCunto.

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