Recycling Eyes


Recycling Eyes, Acrylic and phosphorescent on canvas 60 x 60 2015

“With the restrictions that they put into china it has leveled off the population temporarily.”–G

Of Giovanni’s ethical concerns, at the forefront is that which affects humanity as a whole. He is obsessed with elements that might damage or destroy humanity’s progress. He is also just as excited by new discoveries that may further progress. Art, he says, must keep in touch with reality and with the advances of technology. Socially-informed art has purpose. In ‘Overpopulation,’ he draws a portrait of a Chinese woman with his characteristic silver strokes that solidify as they approach the center of the face, leaving the darkness at the edges. The GOD is composed of silver, gold, and copper leaf, a collage. Giovanni has in mind the problems that China faced in the 1980’s with overpopulation, and the complexity of its response toward that problem. The relation of the portrait to the concept is indicated in the inscriptions that run throughout. It is a piece that is more than art, it is a statement about a contemporary program in a beautiful form.